LogisticPool Ltd


Store2000 is a software package for managing logistics warehouse. It's completely configurable and parametric, with the physical management of the warehouse map and of the activities related to materials in&out. The system integrates the tools and hardware components market leaders for the activity management, such as the radiofrequency terminals based on IEEE802.11b technology, the devices for automatic identification, barcode and R.F. transponders. The system architecture is flexible and modular; it allows to face a broad range of operative issues related to the logistic management of warehouse that usually have to interact with production and/or distribution units. The system ensures the traceability of materials handled through lot management, expiry date, remaining product life time, FIFO, LIFO and the management of register numbers. Furthermore, the system tracks the fulfilled activities and the related operator. Store2000 enables the control of all the operational aspects related to the physical movement of material in stock, such as:

- physical receipt of the goods;

- the logical receipt of the goods;

- put-away (put on the shelf);

- replenishment (replenishing stocks in picking locations);

- picking (selective, massive,...);

- packaging (closing packaging and print shipping labels);

- warehouse reorganization;

- internal movements;

- physical inventory;

- extended integration with the most widespread ERP.