LogisticPool Ltd

Mobile Basis Warehouses

The evolution of the logistic of store and archives, is evermore motivated by the need for economy of space. The Mobile Basis Warehouses, are manually, mechanically or electronically mobile shelving systems. They constitutes our proposal in reply to the ever increasing demand for a modern solution to this matter. The system provides you with the possibility to store double the material, using the same space of a traditional shelving system. This thanks to the fact that system needs only one service passage, on its own rendering service throughout the system.

If the archiving is the result of a tradition of conservation, our solution is a rationalized enhancement of this tradition. Originated on mobile modules on a platform predisposed with rails and conveyors, the system marries construction semplicity,material quality, silent operation and contained costs. The success in this formula, charaterised by the single service passage, is complemented with the option to add on and customise further this system. Mobile Basis solution is recommended for a number of good reasins: 1) Consistent reduction of the high cost of occupied space through the utilisation of all the wasted space present in the traditional shelving system; 2) Protected and controlled archiving; 3) Absolute economy, modular expansion and operating versatility.

Mobile Basis