LogisticPool Ltd


Our logistics consultancy service is aimed at who wants to improve their logistical structure of distribution and internal installations, without increasing their resources for projects, management of projects and development of personnel.

Our organization is an effective answer for who wants to utilize a dynamic, flexable and economical external structure.

In particular, we aim at:

Production industries of medium to large dimensions
Commercial product business
Transport and distribution business
Constructors of transport and warehousing installations
Research and development organizations
Load planning organizations

Using the latest technologies, we develop personalized projects for our Clients, from initial conception up to realization. Our consultancy service is aimed, in particular, at the realizatione of:

a) Movement and warehousing installations (on/off-line with production), warehouses (automatic, semiautomatic and manual), conveyors, shuttles, AGV circuits (Automated Guided Vehicles), etc.

b) Intermodal transport systems, movement systems, warehousing of goods and packaged products (e.g. containers, pallets, etc.) with relative land distribution.

Based on our long experience in this sector, we developed our consultancy service, in according to the following steps:

Feasibility study, or alternatively, verification of financial convenience;
Definition of basic data (flux, materials, etc..);
Choice of installation type (manual, semiautomatic, automatic);
Choice of integration level, be that for movement as well management, with other elements of the factory;
Design of the warehousing and/or movement area;
General draft, in chapters, with basic lay-out;
Finding suppliers (also buildings);
Verification of offers;
Assistance in choosing suppliers;
Consultancy to the works manager;
Inspection of operations and works done;
Staff training.


Our consolidated experience allows us to design all types of warehouses, define the in-out or picking area with any type of machine on the market.

Within the complex flux of product movement, particularly in the geographical and therefore horizontal sense, it is better to adequately define the strategic position of the collection and/r the interoperational centres, as well as all the transport means that can be utilized (trains, ships, trucks, etc.)

Staying ahead of the competition means, in particular, having adequate collection and redistribution centres that are as close possible to the final consumer. The design (and consequent realization) of the distribution centres has to keep in consideration the necessities of the company, the necessary investments and the potential capacity of market absorption.

We are able to realize projects for a.g.v. circuits, calculating battery consumption, the most suitable course, etc....