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Overhead Light Transport System

The Light Automatic Transport System (SLATS) is specifically studied (and realized) for hospitals installations and it is designed to safely, rapidly and flexibly connect the following areas:

• Patient wards
• Operation theaters
• Test laboratories
• Pharmacy
• Day hospital
• Sterilization
• Hydrotherapy
• Physiotherapy
• Endoscopy
• Intensive care
• Hemodynamics
• Radiology
• Dialysis

The system can serve many floors and many stations for each floor. Total monorail circuit length can be over 1500 meters. Material transport is performed by electrically powered “Shuttle” vehicles equipped with a swiveling container, carrying a payload of max. 10 kg in a volume of approx. 25 litres, travelling on an electrified monorail consisting of extruded aluminum alloy profiles Electrical power is supplied to the vehicles by means of bus bars (power rails) with a maximum voltage of 60VDC and PELV class (protected extra-low voltage) electrical protection.
Materials typically transported in the swiveling container (that may be autoclave-sterilized) are:
• organic test specimens
• X-ray, echography, CAT scan plates
• sterile materials
• urgent medicines
• clinical reports, correspondence, forms, stationery.

The monorail circuit can be equipped with a series of rail switches that allow addressing the Shuttle vehicles to the required locations. In the sloped sections, the Shuttles obtain the necessary traction by means of a continuous toothed rack. The Shuttles travel along the circuit with an average speed of 0.4 m/sec, and slow down to a safe speed in the entry and exit sections of the stations.

This solution, studied for hospital activity, can be also installed in areas where the high speed, light load unit and safe transport are necessary: banks, nuclear installation, pharmaceutical factories, etc..

Overhead Light Transport System