LogisticPool Ltd


LogisticPool Ltd develops Artificial Vision Systems for automated inspection, in-line control and robot guidance.
We use the best available technological approach to satisfy the user’s requirements developing :
• Vision systems based on standard programmable and configurable frame grabbing boards
• Vision systems based on intelligent video cameras with integrated DSP
• Vision systems for robot guidance
• OCR systems
• Pattern-matching Software
• 3D analysis software
• Integration with existing line control systems

We have developed Artificial Vision System solutions for various kind of business, some of them are:
Pharma: - Dimensional and integrity check of bottles or ampoules and of their liquid contents
- Check for integrity of medicine blisters
Food: - Check for integrity of sealing package.
- One vision system for the automatic classification of the half-bodies of cows in slaughterhouses based on 3D profile detection and color / surface analisys
Textile: - One automatic station for verification of compliance of spools of yarn to spool dimensional and specific yarn defect user specifications
- Check for presence of defects in the texture of fabrics.
Beverage: - Bottle inspection in boxes (number, integrity, layout)
Automotive: - Multiple auto body detection for printing and surface treatment system guidance
- Check for correct skid hold of auto body
Industry: - Code, Bar Code, Data Matrix Code reading (OCR/OCV)
- Inspection of contents of shipping boxes for matching the shipment documents
Glass: - Automatic system for the capacity control of bottles
- On line system for serigraphy check on fragrance bottles
Semiconductor: - Check for uniform adhesive distribution on silicon slices